Accelerate technology adoption by preparing your organization for change

Transformation projects are a journey, not only for the IT team building out new, innovative solutions, but also for the business users that will use these tools. Our business readiness (BR) services leverage an IT transformational strategy to make technology changes less disruptive to businesses. By bridging gaps between business and IT stakeholders, these services expedite adoption by empowering business teams to mold the future state operational vision and providing a clear path for IT to follow in development and delivery.

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Business readiness is a critical piece of transformation success

For business transformation programs to be successful, it is imperative that business and IT are on the same page, identifying and understanding the functional impacts the transformation will bring to operations. Our team of experts will work with you to understand the transformation initiative and create a well-rounded strategy to address the operational change. We will collaborate in lockstep with your business and IT teams to allow your organization to hit the ground running on Day One, minimizing operational and customer impact while maximizing business value.


Business Readiness Strategy and Assessment

Providing business readiness recommendations and training on BR frameworks, a KPI assessment, and program scoping to establish an initial strategy, high-level roadmapping, and foundational understanding within your organization

Operational Readiness and Future State Planning

Defining current, transitional, and future modes of operation and their functional and process differences through benchmarking, journey mapping, and functional disparity and gap analysis to accelerate adoption and prepare for any data conversions to the new systems

System Conversion and Go-Live Execution

Preparing your organization for data and system go-live and conversion through execution testing, defect identification and resolution, and technology sunset planning

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Business Readiness and Organizational Change

Business transformation success relies on effective change management. Business readiness initiatives are paired with organizational change management (OCM) practices to align stakeholders, leaders, and change delegates around goals, execution, and outcomes. Our OCM team helps you build a communications strategy, measure change readiness, and align the acceptance criteria for upcoming changes through change review boards and executive approval.

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Developing Transformation Roadmaps

Working with leadership, we will define the goals of your transformation program and identify what applications (current and future state), business units and stakeholders, and processes are in scope. In addition, our team of roadmapping experts will use proven methodologies and tools to document pragmatic and strategically sequenced initiatives to enhance business readiness for your organization.

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