Unlocking the value of your data begins with treating data as an asset.

Without adequate technology enforcing, supporting, and enabling data governance, organizations find themselves spending an excessive amount of time searching for, preparing, and explaining data, as well as reacting to data quality issues and security breaches. Dirty data also keeps innovative technology practices such as artificial intelligence (AI) woefully out of reach.

With a solid clean data foundation (vision, strategy, governance organization) established, organizations can then apply technology to help truly enforce governance throughout the data lifecycle.

We can help our clients establish this foundation through cleaning, grooming, enhancing, and protecting their data assets.



Clean Data Strategy

Establish a comprehensive clean data strategy that ensures your data is managed and used as an asset


Clean Data Certification

Leverage our proprietary Clean Data Test Kit to evaluate your data cleanliness index, provide benchmarks, and identify critical areas of improvement


Forensic Data Profiling Services

Get a complete and accurate picture of the health of your data assets while discovering anomalies and pinpointing data quality issues


Data Lifecycle Mapping

Establish a full understanding of your data lifecycle, including lineage, mappings, process, policies, and procedures, from data creation through data retirement


MDM Planning and Roadmapping

Develop a holistic plan to harness master data management and clean data to improve the operational agility, compliance, and performance of your business


MDM Strategy and Visioning

Establish your master data management vision for a 360-degree view or single version of the truth across your critical data domains and define your strategy to answer key MDM design decisions

Clean Data & Data Governance

Clean Data and Data Governance

The importance of data governance is on the rise. Once a mainstay for highly regulated industries such as government, healthcare, and financial services, we now see increased enterprise data governance activity and energy across the industry spectrum. Our data governance experts can help with:

  • Data Governances Assessments and Health Checks
  • Data Governance Organization and Maturation
  • Data Governance Coaching

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