Every analytics journey requires skilled data engineering.

Wherever you are in your analytics journey, we know it can be a rocky road.​ Access to quality, trusted data is now more of a challenge than ever.

With the advent of Big Data, the explosion of as-a-service software and platform offerings and specialized data systems. With the increased use and need for distributed system architectures, the new ecosystem leaves even the most experienced data wranglers scratching their heads.

Sense Corp can help you establish the necessary foundations for accessing, processing, enriching, and cleansing your data so you can gain the full benefit of advanced analytics and data science. ​

Our specialized Solutions Architects and Data Engineers define the tools, technologies, and the architecture to deliver streaming, batch, and interactive data products in weeks instead of months or years.


Traditional ELT/ETL

Developing efficient batch data and micro-batch data processes to move the data from the raw layer to curated layer that supports critical operational and analytical systems

Real-time & Streaming Pipelines

Establishing high-performant, real-time data integrations with modern tooling such as Kinesis, Mulesoft, and other cloud platform-specific solutions.

Data Pipeline Transformations

Applying data governance rules and clean data practices to standardize data sets and apply business rules to derive meaningful KPIs and insights from the curated data.

Data Lake Industrialization

Maximizing value with industrialized data lakes that embed data governance, lineage, and security coupled with automation of infrastructure management and development processes.
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At Sense Corp, we are passionate about unlocking data to drive insights, automation, and innovation.

We provide comprehensive, modern data engineering solutions covering data ingestion, transformation, cleansing, modeling, and integration. Our data engineering experts are adept at leveraging platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake and Databricks and technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Kafka, MuleSoft, Matillion, and many more.

We partner with the world's leading Data Engineering platforms.

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