The data warehouse is not dead.

Even with the emergence of data lakes and data visualization tools, conventional data warehouses can still be used to support your enterprise data strategy. However, to ensure it continues to play an integral role in your technology ecosystem, your data warehouse requires a thorough modernization effort to continue delivering actionable insights with clean, certified data.

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Modern data warehousing technologies offer everything you need to deliver analytics faster, cheaper, and in a more flexible and scalable environment.

Sense Corp can help migrate your data assets into a modern data warehouse platform with best-in-class technologies and extensive modernization expertise. We collaborate closely to understand key drivers, constraints, and outcomes that drive approach, prioritization, scope, and sequencing. We then advise through critical decisions and drive modernization efforts with automated, process-driven approaches supported by proven technology-specific design patterns and best practices.


Platform Modernization and Migration

Evaluating, planning, and deploying a modern data warehouse platform by applying CI/CD best practices to automate all the phases of the development lifecycle.

Multi-Tenancy Extension

Extending the tenancy of your data warehouse to include new organizations, business units, and departments to provide maximum value from your modern data platform

Cloud Data Warehousing

Deploying new data assets and capabilities with modern data platforms and data engineering that scale seamlessly with your pace of change

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