Well-designed experiences are often your greatest missed opportunity.

Our Experience Design team drives positive touchpoints with your brand, going deeper in understanding environments, devices, and user behavior.

Sense Corp begins every project by aligning your transformation goals, architectural journey, and delivery process to your users’ needs. This unique approach ensures the best user experience for the best value.

Experience Design

Challenges We Solve:

  • Mapping the customer experience journey and understanding all the touchpoints.
  • Pinpointing friction and gaps in service delivery.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the “moments that matter” most.
  • Developing a “future-proof” experience roadmap.
  • Designing a seamless experience across channels and digital touchpoints.



Application Prototyping

By facilitating rapid feedback loops in interim applications, we help prioritize product objectives and increase a solution’s speed to market while capturing data from interim use so your operations never miss a beat.


Interactive Design

With tailored expertise every step of the way, we define current and future state site maps, navigation flows, and content analysis to iterate through wireframes for your multi-device experience.


Design Audits and Retrospectives

Our team of experts uncover missed opportunities and provide insights to improve your processes by bringing disparate systems and business processes into a single, seamless ecosystem.


Front End Development in Custom Applications and Platform Extensions

Organizations focus heavily on developing digital solutions to fit their business processes – but often chalk up the user experience to “making it pretty.” A drastically important but common afterthought, the user experience should drive the decisions for a solution, not the other way around. Discover our approach to modern applications and the importance of customer experience considerations.

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We transform organizations for the digital era, providing solutions and services that are shaping the future. Our success is fueled by our clients, who are reimagining processes, redesigning ways of working and taking intelligence to the edge. Ready to get started?