Build the next breakthrough in AI-assisted operational efficiency and sustainability.

Leveraging custom and intelligent automation is a game-changer for organizations, transforming modern workplaces through improved efficiency and productivity.

Sense Corp provides solutions to help businesses and organizations transform how they work, create and deliver services, and interact with customers and citizens.

With our expertise, framework, and resources, we integrate modern technologies to create intelligent solutions such as:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Process controls, monitoring, and workflows
  • Data reconciliation and quality control
  • Enhanced reporting and visualizations
  • Chatbots
  • IoT-based industrial automation
  • AI-powered cognitive virtual agents

Automation Strategy and Assessments

Evaluating and defining automation initiatives with thorough assessments, roadmap building, and vendor selection

Robotic Process Automation

Enabling RPA-based digital transformation through detailed requirements gathering, vendor assessments, use case prioritization, and tool and process implementation

Custom Intelligent Automation

Promoting tailored intelligent automation solutions through strategic planning, development, testing, deployment, and tracking to demonstrating the value

IA Sprint

Select one to three IA use cases or processes; develop and test automations; run them in controlled pre-production; and prove the value and business case

AI & Automation Innovation

We encourage our brilliant employees and clients to explore insane ideas and difficult problems without organizational obstacles. As your organization looks to the edge and begins imagining what is possible, join us in the lab and challenge us.

Request for Services

We transform organizations for the digital era, providing solutions and services that are shaping the future. Our success is fueled by our clients, who are reimagining processes, redesigning ways of working and taking intelligence to the edge. Ready to get started?