Regardless of the journey, modernization should take an iterative approach to transform the IT ecosystem based on current and future needs while building a future-proof platform for further innovation.

Whether your journey calls for refactoring, rearchitecting, or replacing your applications, we can help you:

  • Capture value from legacy application investments
  • Take a low-risk, cost-effective path toward modernizing legacy applications
  • Exploit core IP in legacy apps and data through new capabilities
  • Mine requirements from legacy code
  • Establish digital agility with cloud-native and low-code development
  • Embrace Agile, DevOps, and POD models
  • Reduce traditional IT spend through modern infrastructure and applications

Application Assessment

We deliver an accurate, objective representation of your current IT ecosystem that provides a solid baseline to develop the business case for renewing legacy applications

Application Modernization Roadmap

We help define the vision and scope of your legacy application modernization with a focus on critical improvements rather than reinventing what already works

Legacy Application Documentation

We thoroughly investigate your legacy application code and infrastructure to accurately document all requirements, business rules, data models, workflows, security, and other items that are critical to the application modernization effort

App Containerization and Microservices Assessment

We efficiently identify opportunities for containerization and microservices adoption within your applications to expedite integration
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Legacy Application Modernization

We migrate the legacy application from existing infrastructure to the cloud, implement targeted modifications and upgrades in code, and transform application architecture by deploying microservices, APIs, etc. We do this through:

  • Application re-hosting
  • Application re-platforming
  • Application re-architecting
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