Transform data into your most dynamic competitive asset with big ideas, bold moves, and lasting impact.

While customers worldwide are looking to transform into insights-driven organizations that can unleash the power of data, many struggle with legacy technologies in a modern, boundary-less data landscape.

At Sense Corp, our modern analytics practice area is made up of multiple centers of excellence (COEs) comprised of domain specialists with deep experience, best practice knowledge, and passion for driving data and analytics standards, best practices, and thought leadership for our organization. Our COEs are also charged with building and maintaining the firm’s partnerships with the leading software vendors in their respective areas to deliver best-in-class modern analytics solutions.

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Ready to transition your company to cloud-based analytics?

Understanding the scope of modern analytics and how it can help your business is one thing, but when it comes to actually transitioning your company to a cloud-based modern analytics platform, the process can be complex and overwhelming. Download our Modern Analytics guide to discover a series of considerations in nine key areas – from cost and complexity to governance and security – that can be used to simplify and enhance the decision-making process in the next stage of their modern analytics journey.

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Data and Analytics Tool Selection

Guiding our clients towards future-proof tooling that will scale as the technology ecosystem evolves.

What to Expect

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Tailored Solutions

We meet our clients anywhere they are in their analytics journey, recognizing that one size does not fit all.

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We help extract maximum value from all your data assets with comprehensive services spanning strategy, design, implementation, capability building, and ongoing support.

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Next-Gen Analytics

We leverage next-generation analytic platforms, modern data engineering, and cloud computing to deliver seamless data assets and advanced analytics workloads.

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Increased Value

We leverage the latest techniques and tooling to generate modern analytics that yield better, faster decisions, helping transform your data into a perpetual source of value.

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We transform organizations for the digital era, providing solutions and services that are shaping the future. Our success is fueled by our clients, who are reimagining processes, redesigning ways of working and taking intelligence to the edge. Ready to get started?