Strategy offers clarity of vision and alignment of actions.

When defined and executed effectively, strategy can propel organizations and fuel change. Yet, many organizations fail to employ the right strategy for their business. Strategy through execution is not just a catchphrase – it helps organizations thrive when it is done well. Your resources are precious and need to be channeled to drive successful outcomes.


We help you establish an executable strategy.

To help you through this, you need a partner that can guide you from strategy through execution – which means having someone side-by-side with you all the way through, not someone that will help you define your strategy and then ask you to work with someone else to execute the details. At Sense Corp, we pride ourselves on helping our clients through this full journey.

How do you get there without a roadmap?

A trusted beginning to your transformation journey articulates your current and future state – where you are today and where you would like to be. But that by itself is not enough. You need to develop a roadmap to understand how to get there and what it will take.

We help you chart the journey – to where the value is.

A roadmap serves multiple purposes. It communicates the overall direction and breaks down an arduous journey into manageable and incremental milestones. It describes various aspects of the journey providing details on the program cost and resource needs. The roadmap aligns the various stakeholders together around a shared vision while highlighting progress towards the destination.
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To help clients align transformation initiatives with modernized goals, we provide strategic planning services to help develop roadmaps for:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital modernization
  • Modern analytics
  • Cloud migration
  • Salesforce optimization
  • Clean Data
How We Do It

Developing a roadmap is part science and part art. Some companies operate rapidly and require directional information before making decisions and quickly adjusting on the fly. Other companies are consensus-driven and may require strong supporting information, such as a detailed financial business case, before embarking on the journey.

Sense Corp will work with you to tailor the planning and roadmap effort to fit your organization and meet your needs. Along with strategy development, we can help you assess your current state and clarify your future state. We can also help you communicate this to your organization and obtain the right buy-in from your stakeholders. We set this up in a practical manner, highlighting interim milestones, providing a detailed project plan for the initial phases, and developing robust cost estimates.

The planning and roadmap team will utilize some of our tried-and-true tools, including:

  • Opportunity sizing and value estimation accelerator
  • Current and future state visual representation
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Model-based value matrix analysis
  • Driver-based financial business case
  • Gantt chart-based roadmap

Begin your journey by developing your roadmap and ensuring everyone is aligned. Periodically checking progress against your roadmap – and leveraging an “iterative planning” mindset – will allow you to get to your destination successfully.

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