No journey is alike, and neither is the timeline of climbing towards full AI adoption. With varying ranges of technical capability and business readiness, one thing is for certain, you need to see results, and fast! In this webinar, we will explore three client use cases from the manufacturing industry, to oil and gas, to education with examples of successful projects including:

  1. Sales Forecasting – We will share sales forecasting and market segmentation techniques in the manufacturing industry.  Using historical sales data, we introduce fast and effective signal decomposition and clustering techniques to produce valuable customer insights. 
  2. Inventory Management – Wapply text analytics and natural language processing techniques for advanced and custom automation.  This use case saves significant time for inventory managers and analysts by accurately and rapidly classifying their inventory based on each item description. 
  3. Public Safety – We introduce a computer vision capability that can recognize firearms and trigger alerts. In this use case, we apply real-time object recognition technology for early detection of firearms for school safety.    

You’ll walk away with modern analytics and AI tools to benefit your organization’s immediate needs no matter where you are on your journey to AI adoption.

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