Are you getting the most value from your AWS differentiated services?

Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sense Corp helps our clients establish next-generation cloud operations, deploy modern applications, accelerate modern analytics, and deploy AI and automation at scale.

As a global communications infrastructure, AWS offers a full range of cloud-based computing capabilities, including data storage, computing, analytics, management, integration, migration, and more. Sense Corp can help you make the most of your investment in AWS-specific services for mobile and IoT, as well as capabilities for ML and Big Data processing, infrastructure security, and data protection.

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Services and Solutions for AWS

Whether it’s cloud operations, automation or data and analytics, Sense Corp is your trusted guide for achieving your cloud vision on AWS. We combine our expertise in cloud operations, modern analytics, and DevSecOps with AWS solutions to deliver value quickly.


Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

Preparing your organization to take full advantage of the AWS cloud

Data Warehouse Modernization

Transitioning from a legacy data warehouse to a highly scalable, agile, and cost-effective AWS data platform

Data Engineering

Designing and building high-performing data engineering solutions that deliver clean, secure, and accurate AWS data pipelines to mission-critical analytic consumers

Legacy to AWS Migration

Migrating your critical workloads, databases, and applications efficiently and seamlessly to AWS with next-generation accelerators such as Kubernetes, APIs, microservices, and Docker containers

AI and Intelligent Automation with AWS

Leveraging the power of AWS and AI to drive intelligent automation at scale

AWS Managed Services

Simplifying and streamlining processes and freeing up resources to help you focus on strategic business initiatives and reducing costs
How We Help

Cloud Migration

Migrating your apps and services to AWS Cloud to benefit from its flexibility, scalability, and security


Optimizing your development and delivery pipelines using AWS Solutions to build apps faster and more efficiently

Big Data

Leveraging cutting-edge Big Data solutions that can scale as your company grows, putting your data to work for you.

Machine Learning

Adding intelligence to applications and services through the machine learning capabilities of AWS

PCI-Compliant Data Migration to AWS

Leveraging the benefits of PCI compliance infrastructure and templates on AWS to move both your operations and analytics into the cloud

Scaling on AWS with Containers

Leverage elastic scalability with Docker and Kubernetes on AWS to advance your business to the next level

Serverless on AWS

Go serverless to benefit from the cloud without the IT operations management (ITOM) hassles.

AWS Native Pipelines

Automating software delivery with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using services such as AWS CodeDeploy and Elastic Beanstalk

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