Cloud migration has never been easier.

With Microsoft Azure, organizations can develop a comprehensive suite of cloud products to operate and scale applications on public cloud, without having the need to develop and maintain their in-house infrastructure. This innovative and enterprise-focused cloud computing platform platform offers key synergies with the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure Government, which meets the rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. public agencies.

Whether you’re looking to create a multi-cloud strategy to diversify your cloud environment or only need one platform, Sense Corp can help you devise a strategy that is most suitable for your organization – be it a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Together with Microsoft Azure, Sense Corp can help you establish next-generation cloud operations

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 Our Azure Certified Competencies Include:

  • Data Analytics – Gold
  • Data Platform – Gold
  • Application Integration – Silver
  • Application Development – Silver

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

Preparing your organization to take full advantage of the Azure cloud

Data Warehouse Modernization

Transitioning from a legacy data warehouse to a highly scalable, agile, and cost-effective Azure data platform

Data Engineering

Designing and building high-performing data engineering solutions that deliver clean, secure, and accurate Azure data pipelines to mission-critical analytics consumers

Legacy to Azure Migration

Accelerating migration and training efforts to transition from legacy on-prem technologies into the Azure cloud.

AI and Intelligent Automation with Azure

Leveraging the power of Azure and AI to drive intelligent automation at scale

Azure Managed Services

Simplifying and streamlining your processes and freeing up resources so you can focus on strategic business initiatives and reduce costs
How We Help

Data Analytics, Lakes, and Warehouses

Create Azure SQL and Azure Synapse databases to handle your data warehousing, relational and Big Data analytics needs

Azure IoT Development

Enhance decision making and create connected enterprises and enable real-time interactions with your assets, workforce and customers

Modern Applications with Azure PaaS

Solve real-world problems using the scalable Azure platform to build enterprise-grade, cloud-native apps for intelligent actions and accelerated business outcomes

DevOps and Automation on Azure

Manage your application development process with Azure DevOps and its services, including Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, and Azure Repos

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