Flexibility is the key to enabling a modern data platform.

Sense Corp maintains a strong partnership with Snowflake to help organizations transform their current data assets into a unified cloud data platform. Our alliance combines the advanced capabilities of Snowflake’s next-generation cloud data platform with Sense Corp leadership in transformation, modern analytics, and cloud operations to help organizations accelerate their migration to the cloud while reducing costs and increasing agility.


Snowflake’s unique architecture features storage, compute, and global services layers that are physically separated but logically integrated. Each layer and each data workload can scale independently from one another, allowing for boundless flexibility at the click of a button. This makes Snowflake an ideal platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, and modern data sharing, as well as the development of data applications.


Together, with our large team of certified SnowPro architects and developers, we can rapidly integrate Snowflake into your data landscape and help you maximize the value of data analytics by implementing Snowflake Data Platform best practices and developing a range of use cases.




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Why Snowflake?

Snowflake has rocketed into prominence as the only data warehouse built for the cloud from scratch, enabling organizations to build best-in-class analytic environments with unprecedented computing, flexibility, and elasticity—at a fraction of the cost.

Snowflake delivers the performance, concurrency, and simplicity needed to store and analyze all of an organization’s data assets in a centralized storage layer. Snowflake’s technology combines the logical structure of a data warehouse, the power of a big data platform, and the elasticity of the cloud to unleash the power of limitless, data-driven insights.




Snowflake Data Warehouse Modernization

Modernizing your data warehouse by replacing legacy data warehouse appliances and software with a modern Snowflake data platform that is faster, simpler, and more scalable – at a considerably lower cost

Snowflake Data Lake

Replacing traditional data lakes with a solution that not only lets you store diverse sets of data at a low cost for exploration but also supports lightning-fast reporting and analytics

Snowflake Data Platform Development

Extending multi-tenancy of your Snowflake Data Platform to include new organizations and business units while developing and deploying new analytic subject areas and capabilities

Data Sharing and Exchanges

Democratizing data consumption across a boundary-less data landscape to allow for sharing with other Snowflake accounts without copying or moving data

Snowflake Data Science Prep

Leveraging private sandboxes with zero-copy cloning for feature engineering and experimentation

Modern Data Engineering with Snowflake

Streamlining data engineering with simple, reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice to ingest and transform data on a batch or continuous basis
How We Help

A Single Platform to Modernize and Mobilize Your Data in the Cloud

We partner with Snowflake to address common challenges such as siloed data, scale and performance constraints, and complex and costly legacy infrastructure

End-to-End Modern Data Solutions

We combine our Snowflake partnership with our expertise in analytic platforms and modern data architecture to integrate data and optimize business processes to deliver holistic business solutions

Analytics Acceleration

We accelerate data warehouse cloud modernization by helping you take advantage of cloud capabilities, modern data architectures, advanced analytics, and data catalogs

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