We can help you deliver compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data with fast analytics, visualization, and rapid-fire business intelligence. Its deployment options, ease of use, and data integration capabilities make it well-suited to many use cases, and it is designed to meet strict governance and security requirements. Designed to fit – not dictate – your data strategy, Tableau offers a user experience that empowers organizations to explore and analyze data using visuals and natural language.

As a trusted Tableau Partner, Sense Corp guides businesses to deliver compelling visualizations and bring data to life. We bring together data and domain experts for every Tableau project to provide high-quality analytics, grounded in clean data and experience design, that deliver compelling, actionable data stories, scorecards, and dashboards to change how your organization thinks about and uses data.

How We Help:

Data Visualization

Making powerful, interactive data visualizations and analytical dashboards, across all your sources, to analyze and act on your data faster

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Unlocking the disruptive power of AI and machine learning with data visualization and custom applications

Embedded Analytics

Integrating Tableau visualizations into modern applications such as Salesforce, cloud-native applications, and progressive web applications

Data Warehouse Modernization

Transitioning from a legacy enterprise data warehouse to a highly scalable, agile, and cost-effective data platform

Tableau Platform Governance

Establishing strategies, policies, and processes to scale a governed, self-service, and data-driven culture

Legacy BI Platform Modernization

Quickly moving from traditional data analytics platforms to modern self-service BI by enabling rapid migration of models, dashboards, and reports thought Tableau
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Since 1996, Sense Corp has delivered over 100 enterprise-class data analytic solutions.

We have complete work spanning from the world’s largest global organizations to startups to complex government agencies looking to improve outcomes and public transparency.

We leverage the latest techniques and tooling to generate modern analytics that yield better, faster, more decisions. From customer experience thru employee engagement, our modern analytics team can help you transform your data into an endless source of value.

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