Have you heard the hype that the Data Warehouse is dead?

With technologies like the Data Lake and emerging data visualization tools continuing to evolve in the data space, enthusiasts are questioning whether conventional data layers like the data warehouse are still required to support your enterprise data strategy. While it may seem practical to move away from a data warehouse, it won’t be long before you start realizing the pitfalls of that approach. Like it or not, the data warehouse will continue to play an integral role in your organization’s Enterprise Information Architecture by ensuring actionable insights are being delivered with clean certified data.

In this session, Kunal Sharma, senior enterprise architect at Sense Corp, will:

  • Highlight the value of establishing a Clean Data Practice through governed data assets
  • Make a distinction between what “Single Source of Data” and “Best Version of The Truth” mean for an organization
  • Share uses cases for delivering certified data through a data warehouse
  • Provide a conceptual viewpoint of Enterprise Data Architecture design
  • Share an example of a modern analytics infrastructure platform

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