In this recorded presentation from Next Step 2020, Dane Sauceda, Sense Corp Technical Project Manager and Solutions Architect, shares how our partner, a Fortune 100 insurance provider, has enabled its best and brightest to reimagine business processes with creativity and limitless flexibility. See how OutSystems can turn your weaknesses into strengths by breathing new life into old processes. In this short presentation, you will learn how digital enablement can positively impact your organization in the following ways:

  • Lower financial and opportunity costs to allow for bolder risk-taking and a more rapid return on investment
  • Respond quickly to business demands and pivot seamlessly when necessary
  • Provide the space and opportunity to innovate
  • Identify cost-saving and revenue-boosting opportunities that justify the financial burdens of development

Don’t miss how this company simplified a cumbersome and complex business process with a radical digital transformation that will result in big savings.

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