stratThe Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are all the rave. If it has an on/off button and can connect – it’s supposed to be able to now provide value. Technology vendors and think-tanks profess new business capabilities and serious financial benefits.

So why are most organizations still on the sidelines evaluating if/when to consider deploying these next-generation business capabilities?

Why IoT initiatives don’t gain traction

Most organizations are “kicking the tires” without an effective plan to evaluate the true ROI. Others decided to take a test-drive but are “spinning their wheels”. Consider these challenges that slow IoT opportunities:

  • Unfunded – struggle to define and prioritize IoT uses cases and develop a supporting business case to fund initial investment.
  • Technology Driven – strategy based on technical capabilities instead of a clear value proposition and monetization plan.
  • Narrowly Focused – exploring IoT in one business function, and have not evangelized the opportunity across the organization.
  • Poorly Aligned – not linked their IoT initiatives with corporate value drivers, such as reducing costs or enabling new revenue streams.

Kicking the tires is a waste of time and money. Spinning wheels is frustrating and embarrassing.

Get a rolling-start – and burn rubber

IoT technology is largely plug-and-play, but deploying the business capabilities is NOT plug-and-play. It must be treated as a program that considers organization change impact, the need for process standardization & optimization, new areas of risk to mitigate, and talent gaps to support new analytical insights.

How Sense Corp helps progressive organizations approach IoT

  • Create / identify use cases across the value chain.
  • Rationalize where the organization sits on a business capabilities maturity curve.
  • Benchmarking against the competition.
  • Target business capability improvement. Understand dependencies.
  • Evaluate and quantify the ability to execute vs. business value.
  • Define and plan a roadmap that demonstrates incremental value commensurate with investment.
  • Build a bullet-proof business case.

Consider a new approach to gain traction on your IoT or BIG Data initiative. Sense Corp can accelerate your organization’s time-to-value to deploy the next-generation capabilities you need now… without missing the race all-together.

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