Sense Corp has maintained a long-term business relationship with a well-established insurance provider to assess and enhance its information delivery and operational systems. The relationship took a quantum leap recently when Sense Corp took only three months to develop a cloud-based, mobile, and web-friendly OutSystems solution that would eventually become LTC AppCentral, a suite of consolidated web and mobile tools intended to support the digital transformation of the company’s sales division. Over time, this platform has grown significantly, with a host of applications designed to reduce operating costs, provide policy transparency, and increase sales efficiency across the entire organization, and it now stands to save the company millions in underwriting costs.


An established provider for more than 150 years, a Fortune 100 insurance company was being weighed down by its legacy business systems and the terabytes of collected data over the years. Lacking a unified strategy for supporting data and analytics demand from its business units, the organization engaged Sense Corp in 2005 to assist in evaluating its information needs and developing a strategy and roadmap to improve information delivery throughout its long-term care (LTC) division. This eventually resulted in a next-generation data warehouse to meet the organization’s various reporting requirements.

Over time, the LTC sales staff began experiencing challenges regarding transparency in application and underwriting processes. Because of this, the organization approached Sense Corp again, this time  to develop a comprehensive solution that would not only integrate with the division’s data warehouse, but could also assist LTC sales agents in monitoring their sales portfolios and expenses, streamline application processes, maximize efficiency in underwriting, and reduce operational costs. The goal was to provide a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform with secure, user-friendly, and intuitive applications that would allow agents to quickly access the status of policy applications, improve their experience when selling long-term care products, provide an improved communication system to access updates on pending cases, and streamline and modernize their sales processes through digital transparency.

Approach and Methodology

To address the issue of limited visibility, Sense Corp started by designing a custom web/mobile application using the low-code OutSystems platform to help agents track their submitted policy applications through underwriting and approvals processes from submission to delivery. Sense Corp developed the LTC AppTracker in a span of only three months using an iterative process based on feedback from the system’s user interface and user experience and leveraging OutSystems’ native development accelerators while integrating with the designed data warehouse. Within the first several months of operation, the solution resulted in increased levels of access and granularity across the company’s entire sales organization.

Following the success of LTC AppTracker, the Sense Corp team applied a hybrid Agile methodology to the OutSystems accelerators to design, develop, and deploy an entire suite of digital applications known as LTC AppCentral that leverage the same platform and unified data model. All technology applications within LTC AppCentral were designed in cooperation with the Sense Corp Experience Design (XD) center of excellence to be user-friendly, web- and mobile-accessible, and secure enough to protect the most sensitive data.


The LTC AppCentral hub now hosts an entire suite of state-of-the-art digital applications designed to serve a multitude of functions for the insurance provider’s sales organization. One of these applications, the LTC Pre-Screen Tool, is already providing significant value by allowing agents to use a dynamic survey to assess potential clients’ insurability for a long-term care policy. By using this tool for optimized pre-screening, the company is reducing dependence on the complex underwriting process and its rate of policy declines, which cost around $3,000 per application. So far, the company has seen declination rate reductions of up to 6% when compared to the same period from the prior year, and should this rate of success continue, it is likely the organization would see an average yearly savings of more than $600K.

Other applications within LTC AppCentral include:

  • Expense Allowance Dashboard – A user-friendly dashboard that details an agent’s progress through the tiered LTC expense allowance system, including details on how the agent’s expense allowance is calculated and the specifics of past and future payments.
  • Agent Alerts – A system of web alerts and mobile push notifications that inform agents of various policy events within their portfolio, including underwriting decisions, benefit changes, and more.
  • Inforce Policy Tracking – A tool that provides the ability for agents to track all their inforce policies, regardless of when they were submitted.
  • LTC Elite – A gauge that indicates the agent’s LTC Elite status from gold to diamond to diamond elite.

With the creation and delivery of AppCentral, the provider’s sales division now has a complete series of tools that can help its sales agents access policy and underwriting information faster than ever before to better screen potential clients while helping the entire organization reach their business goals. The entire effort resulted in a game-changing solution that completely transformed the way the Fortune 100 insurer does business, and the platform now stands as one of the most comprehensive and efficient solutions in the Sense Corp digital enablement portfolio.


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