We are in unchartered territory. But the expression “necessity is the mother of invention” has never rung truer. As we have learned to adapt, history shows us that human beings are reliably resilient, inventive, and inspirable.

With these changes thrust upon us and recent studies showing that more than 75% of large transformation initiatives fail, understanding how to successfully deliver transformation projects is more important than ever before.

While there’s no silver bullet to ensure project success, there are several things you can do to increase the probability of success of your transformation initiative. These include developing a solid vision and roadmap, intentionally designing great employee and customer experiences, effectively planning for and enabling organizational change, and leveraging an Agile delivery approach.

Join our panel of experts as they share lessons learned from years of leading successful transformation projects for some of the nation’s largest and most complex organizations. They will discuss key approaches and tools, including:

  • How to identify what your employees and customers desire and use that to inform your vision
  • The relationship between organizational change management and experience design
  • How to transition from a waterfall to Agile delivery approach

Have questions you want to ask the panel? Send them to marketing@sensecorp.com ahead of time or ask them during the live question and answer time.

Facilitator & Panelists

Michael Daehne, Partner & Transformation Practice Director at Sense Corp, will facilitate this panel featuring four Sense Corp Transformation experts:

  • Kim Ehrman: Strategic Planning & Roadmaps Center of Excellence Lead at Sense Corp
  • Chelsea Waldheim: Experience Design Center of Excellence Lead at Sense Corp
  • Jefford Dixon: Organizational Change Management Center of Excellence Lead at Sense Corp
  • Ben Bythewood: Agile Center of Excellence Lead at Sense Corp

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