The client was a market-leading oil field services company facing new EPA compliance regulations. The new regulations required a demonstration of improved standards and record-keeping for scheduled maintenance activities.

Like many service organizations, transforming from paperwork orders to a more robust digital system posed a significant undertaking for the over 1,400 field personnel.

As with many compliance-driven initiatives, this was initially viewed as the necessary “cost of doing business”. Their organization started with a perspective of “what is the minimum we need to comply?”


Our industry expertise and breadth of innovative services enabled us to give the client far more than what they were originally asking.

We defined a comprehensive blueprint for transforming the Service Order-to-Cash process, providing improved margins and a foundation to move up the Asset Management Maturity curve.

While identifying the changes necessary to comply with NESHAP regulatory requirements, we identified meaningful opportunities to improve profit margin.

Organizational Alignment

They lacked the necessary shared services for growth. We designed and deployed new operations support centers providing specialization in Dispatch, Data Management, and Billing.

Business Processes

Having grown through acquisitions, disparate processes were rampant across operations. They were challenged to measure performance across service areas. Standardization was critical to meeting compliance drivers and improving operational performance.


Paperwork orders had to go and the existing ERP Field Service Module was not conducive to their business. A new field service mobility solution enabled the field to record all information necessary to drive work order execution, payroll, expenses, safety, and compliance.

Change Management & Assurance

The change was transformative and the initial resistance daunting. We ushered each level of the organization through the change curve, often needing to start with how to use a laptop computer.


Sense Corp not only led the changes to process and technology, but we also led their people from resistance to sustainable adoption.

Sense Corp’s ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the Corporate and the Field was heralded as one of the key elements of project success.

Transformation of the client’s core operating model was both enabled and strengthened by Sense Corp, achieving over $20M in year-over-year ROI.

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