The cable client was hearing from some of its customers that they were missing channels that they were paying for. Customer satisfaction was negatively impacted.

At the same time, the client knew that some customers were getting more programming than they should. But they couldn’t accurately pinpoint the revenue leakage.

They were chipping away at the issue a few customers at a time…

Delivering content to televisions seems simple. It’s not. It’s a complex web of billing systems, channel lineups, and controllers.

Untangling that web can prove near-impossible.


We were cartographers in their mapping challenge, creating a detailed end-to-end picture of the content delivery ecosystem. We pinpointed areas that were most problematic and in the end created an automated system for future audits.

First of all, we conducted discovery sessions with client experts to understand and document their part in the data flow used to provision content to a subscriber.

A comprehensive content delivery network map was developed.

Next, we integrated data from each system, applied the content mapping model, and developed reporting visualizations.

We pinpointed the volume of customers affected and the average revenue loss per month to quantify the severity of the problem.

Then we operationalized and transitioned the solution to support ongoing audits and decision-support.

Operations now understands 95% of content delivery problems with a click of a button.


Improved Customer Experience: Instead of waiting for customers to call in with issues, the client now proactively identifies issues, notifies customers of impact, and resolves issues.

Easier, Faster, and Cheaper: The old process required human eyes to examine tens of thousands of billing rate codes and thousands of controller packages. The new process filters out the “good” codes so analysts can focus on the problems and more quickly resolve the issues.

Increased Revenue: Upwards of $200 million in annual lost revenue opportunity was identified.

Organizational Awareness: For the first time in decades, the client has a clear picture of how and why customers have been receiving too much or too little content – and more importantly, how to fix it.

Operational Excellence: Process and system improvements are now implemented to prevent revenue leakage and manage customer content delivery satisfaction.



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