Winston Churchill once said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”  This seems simple enough and yet we find history repeating itself.

Take the case of the following three projects:

  1. California bullet train project cost overruns and behind schedule managed to consultants.
  2. Texas Permanent School Fund broken by consultants.
  3. Oakland Unified School District deficit balloon due to consultants.

In each of these cases, the organization in charge of the project handed over its reigns to consultants in the hopes of being efficient.  Ryan Cooper, a national correspondent for examines these and other cases of sheer mismanagement in his article “Death by consultant.

In the Sense Corp eBook, “10 Ways to Drive Successful Transformation,” we highlight learnings from history to understand how to set up projects for success.

In chapter number 9, we discuss how to “Drive Accountability & Ownership.”  Much too often, companies are quick to hand over the entire project to the consulting firms.  Without clear ownership, responsibility, and partnership, these projects are quickly set on a course to fail and become yet another historical project catastrophe.

Download the Sense Corp eBook and study our learnings from the last 20 years to transform successfully.

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